einstein and love...the Kohlhepp / Gunter wedding

it was the 2nd wedding for the family in 8 months. 

i had the honor once more to freeze their moments. 

two incredibly smart, kind, and most loved people.

 albert einstein was quoted in the ceremony...

they spoke of scientific terms that i cannot pronounce...

so to honor them, i'll have to use the master's words once more...


 The laws of gravity cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.

Albert Einstein


How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?  -Albert Einstein

When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, you think it’s only a minute. But when you sit on a hot stove for a minute, you think its two hours. That’s relativity.  -Albert Einstein

 Love is a better teacher than duty.  -Albert Einstein

When you trip over love, it is easy to get up.   But when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again.  -Albert Einstein


congratulations you two!


Florals:  Brady Street Florist

Venue:  Luigi's Villa

Decor:  Honeydew Vintage

DJ:  Good Times Entertainment

Officiant:  David Bish

Chief Wedding Coordinator and Sister:  Joanne Kohlhepp Bish :)


i said i would stop. abbie & ben. soldiers & sailors, pittsburgh, pa

i cannot tell you how many times i have said that i am done with weddings. 

i started shooting weddings when i was 27.

in my career, i have shot HUNDREDS.

it looks like glamorous work. 

it looks fun.

it is.  

it is exhilarating - emotional - intense.

BUT, it is really really hard. 

the amount responsibility on one for the "day of a lifetime", is enormous. 

now, as i am 13 years older than when i started, the toll it takes on my body is far greater than it used to.  

i carry 35 lbs of equipment around on me all day. 

thank the good lord jesus, that chaz did not get a shot of me the day of abbie's wedding.

it had hit 100 degrees that day, i had eaten ravenously before the wedding, some random burrito chaz found on the strip in pitt.  i was gulping down gatorade, and the entire picture was NOT pretty. 

but let me tell you what was glorious:

my friend abbie.

her husband, ben.

the dreams they and their family made into reality and the enormously special day that they became husband and wife. 

i do not shoot because of the glamour. 

i shoot because of the moments.  i shoot because of the people, and the memories.

and my dear, beautiful abbie, yours were exquisite.

ONLY part one of the day...

many more to follow.

abbie, ben and families....

i love you!

blogAbbie & Ben Soldiers & Sailors Wedding Joelle Watt Studios-29.jpg

brittany & gabe part one….sigh….


it starts with a sigh, and many more to follow!

from brittany getting ready in her childhood bedroom in her parent's beautiful period home, to the scenic backdrop for their pictures together at gabe's parent's home.

it's sigh sigh siiiiggghhhhhh…..

enjoy this part one of brittany and gabe's gorgeous wedding!

(and britt, it's part one, bc i can't make you wait any longer to see images, and i've been home for more than two consecutive days to work on them!)


i couldn't decide between these two shots…so i posted both :)!





britt's daddy seeing her for the first time.  yes, i cried too.


that little dolly standing on the chair would be this girl's niece!

oh wait…sigh!





it's been a few pics since a sigh….

sigh sigh 

many more to come…and yes, even more sighs!


mr. & mrs. mcnally…it was out of the park!

what a crazy, super busy few months!  

i'm catching up on my blogging today, and absolutely have to showcase this beautiful wedding.  

i've know the fatula family for years…in fact, i remember when tara was born!  (scary!)  so it sure was a thrill to be able to share in this special couple's gorgeous day.  

and after a few pre-wedding mishaps (ummm, the wedding venue burning down, and then a double booking of another!), this couple scored a final home run for their big day….it could not have been any more perfect!  (note: tara & matt are huge pittsburgh pirate fans!)

enjoy this classy, fun, ga ga gorgeous wedding - and congrats mr & mrs mcnally! 

tara's parents' wedding album was on display as she prepared for her big day :)

1st look at the BRIDE!!!! 

9blogFriends & Family 4Joelle Watt Studios1_14.jpg

i guess there's only one  thing left to say…."RAISE IT!"  :)