macey - essenza seniors 2017

it happens over and over again...

i fall in love with my seniors!

mace came in, and was pure joy...

her quick smile, her humble confidence and hair that i couldn't get over... our session, i just wanted it to go on and on!

macey, what a beautiful combination you are of your parents and those who love you in life.  

girl you are special!!!!





carlee / essenza seniors and a throwback to 2009

now that i'm a mother of teenagers, i can understand more how quickly time passes. 

when your kids are small, it seems they will be small forever - then all of a sudden, they just aren't anymore.  and then all of a sudden, your son towers over you, and your little girl is searching for a formal gown.  

the older i get, the more i can see it.  it makes me want to grab the hands of time, and just stop them all altogether.  i understand this isn't an option, so i'm certain the next best thing that i can do is to be present in each moment, and then to stop time with my camera.  

this is where carlee steps in.  

a sweet little girl that i had the privilege of shooting this series of in 2009.

just look at her!

and here she is today.

going into her senior year, a state champion cross country runner, and a little girl grown up as a beautiful young women just ready to step out on her own.  

you are so special carlee!

carlee i can only think of what i may be shooting next for you !

thank you constable family for your support and love throughout the years.  

i think you guys are just awesome!

leigha seniors 2017

leigha will be a senior this coming year.  

this small town girl has big, big dreams.  

it's been such a treat getting to know her, sharing laughs, and shooting in all kinds of gorgeousness. :)

best wishes sweet leigha!  i believe in you!


"you are what you think.  so just think big, believe big, act big, work big, give big, forgive big, laugh big, love big and live big."  -andrew carnegie


presenting one of a kind senior honey love sessions!

honey honey, here's some love!

i am so excited to share with you the brainstorm of myself, and my dear friend lindsey taylor with Honeydew Vintage Rentals.  a native of this area, lindsey and I began working together some time ago, and as so many of my creative friendships progress, we got to brainstorming!  

today, lindsey lives in the hub of the maryland, washington d.c. area, where wedding styled shoots are happening all of the time.  

if you are not familiar with even what a wedding styled shoot is, let me fill you in-

a wedding styled shoot is when wedding vendors get together and visualize a scene for photographing.  they bring their ideas to life, have them photographed, then use the images to get their names published in wedding magazines, blogs, etc.. it is a great way for a professional to show off their exemplary style and potential, as well as to show the industry the newest and biggest trends coming this way. 


again,  just as i had written about in my previous blog post regarding essenza, i'm ready to dive back into my heart mission of showing women, at the pivotal times in their life, the invaluable person that they are.  

senior photography has always been a love of mine, so it only made sense as lindsey and i started talking, to put all she knows and does in styling vignettes for publication in the wedding industry, right into the senior industry, and where else to do it but right here in dubois pennsylvania!

going forward, we contacted our florist engineer extraordinaire, jennifer jackson torrell of     Brady Street Florist in dubois.  compiling our creative ideas, knowledge of trends for the senior market, and resources, we are excited to present to you, our one of a kind "senior honeylove sessions."  

we will show off the essence of who you or your daughter is at this most fleeting time of her life, will personally style her shoot with gorgeous fresh florals, exquisite vintage furniture pieces and accessories, and will hand to both of you, portraits, and an experience that is completely one of a kind.  

please note, these honeylove portrait sessions are for seniors only at not available at any other time.

we are accepting only 6 opening for this special day

contact me today to reserve your spot!


SENIORS 2017 ...introducing HONEYLOVE SESSIONS!!

we are so very excited to announce a brand new flavor to senior portraits.



THINK a magazine shoot-

with music, stylists and VIBE!

CHANGE 2 outfits will give your final images a well rounded look!

RECEIVE- 10 printed 5x7's on our high end deep matte paper.  a custom video.  10 high resolution digital files.  a viewing and ordering session to set you on your way to be ready for your senior year to come.  EEEK!! 

ONLY 8 sessions available.

this shoot is not available for any other sessions. 

shoot is $370.

you must pay $100 to book and reserve your spot.  this is non-refundable.

the remains $270 is due the day of your shoot.


814.590.0593 or

can't wait to see you there!