treasure lake

caitlin & clement married

i never met caitlin in person until her wedding day - (that is a rarity for me!)

but when she walked in with that wisp of a dress that moved with the slightest breeze, and then i met clement with the smile that could win the olympics, i knew it would be perfection.  :)))

clement is from the country of ghana

yes, here it is for you to geography had failed me!  and so much of his family had traveled to be with them for this special day.  

this is the picture story of caitlin and clement...

their wedding day and all who celebrated with them...

how visual opposites make perfection, and how love, when brought together from ANYWHERE equals perfection 





a belly, baby and blue eyes too

i have the folder on my iMac labeled Ashely's maternity number 2.  i love it!

i can't even tell you how much joy i get from getting to shoot a couple in the engagement stage, then to the wedding, the first baby and then the SECOND :).

it's a huge responsibility - a family's memories. 

and this family has some precious ones!

ashely, cory and collin, i can't wait for the birth of your new one!



and just a few we shot in the studio-

look at that face!

rachel & matt - the sweet and casual side / engagements /

i'm backtracking a little bit this evening to an engagement shoot from the beginning of fall.   i have so much that i haven't blogged!

going through these, i had to showcase the casual side of rachel and matt.  

this is a couple made in heaven that i completely adore!


rachel 13.jpg

i know - the right, right?  how i love yummy perfect light!