the peterson family in erie, pa!

26 years.

when he opened the door, i looked up at him (he was always tall, and well, i was always short) and said..."oh my gosh ross, it's been 26 years since i saw you last!"

isn't life crazy?

ross, married my high school friend, eliza, and THEY were high school sweethearts. 

they each moved away from dubois as school and life happened, and settled down in erie... of my favorite places ever!

eliza contacted me to shoot her son's senior pictures, and i met up with the whole family at their beautiful home in erie for not only jack's senior pictures, but for family pictures too.

we shot our session, and then spent the most wonderful evening eating (thank you ross for your master grill skills!), talking, reminiscing, laughing, and just enjoying being back together.  

and because birds of a feather flock together, i even met a few of Eliza's beautiful friends, and were able to shoot with them as well. 

but this shoot, was all about the peterson's.

DAHS class of '91 and '92 hold onto your socks, because these lovebirds haven't changed a bit!

eliza, ross, and heart is so full. 

i love your entire family!

peterson family 6.jpg
peterson family 9.jpg

i told you they hadn't changed!!! :)))

peterson family 1.jpg
peterson family 5.jpg
peterson family 7.jpg
peterson family 11.jpg
peterson family 10.jpg
peterson family 8.jpg
peterson family 15.jpg
peterson family 16.jpg
peterson family 12.jpg
peterson family 13.jpg
peterson family 14.jpg
peterson family 17.jpg
peterson family 2.jpg
peterson family 4.jpg

maria seniors 2015

here she is- beautiful and talented maria.

maria is not only drop dead gorgeous, but she is so super sweet, and from what i hear, sings like an angel.  she is a talented actress, and has aspirations to perform on broadway one day.

its crazy, when i photograph someone, i get such an intimate "peek" at who they are and what they are made of.  and ultimately, that is what i strive to bring across in images. 

for maria, i saw such a soft, kind, sweet spirit, but also a strong driven woman who will not stop until she accomplishes what she sets out to do.  this said, maria, may i have the honor of broadcasting that i took your first headshot? :)

(oh, and maria's mom and sister jumped in for some pics too!)

xoxo darling!