a love story

codi & charlie - what a love story

if you had read codi and charlie's love story, it certainly was one that you would never forget.  

if you haven't, you can read it here.  trust me, you will want to.  

so the thing about codi and charlie, besides their incredible story, is that their love just brings anyone who meets them into it.  

it's like watching a great movie...your forget you're watching it, because you're so involved.  

such is being around codi and charlie.   

their love, the looks they give one another, the kindness they extend for everyone, and just the way it is evident that they understand what a gift life and love are, make them so very very special. 

as codi and charlie are together because of codi's brother, there were so many special tributes to him and his memory throughout the day.

the wedding and reception were all held on charlie's parents' property.  it was gorgeous!

codi and charlie also planted a tree to memorialize their special day.  well, charlie planted it - codi made sure it was all done right :)!

and THEN they even braved a boat for pictures!

codi and charlie what an honor it has been to share in your journey and your love story.  

i can't wait to see what the future holds.

-xx mr. and mrs. lion!