Aaron Dwyer

rachel & matt

even after all of these years, i still am amazed every time i look through the viewfinder of my camera.  of course i get to see the images i create, but often times what i SEE, i then use to create the visuals.  

i know it's confusing. :)

words joelle words!

maybe what i'm trying to say is that i witness so much of what a person or a couple is made of when i get to shoot with them.  that sometimes what screams out to me more is the infectious love they have, or the joy they carry...or the soft heart.  

this is the case with rachel and matt. 

genuine, sweeter than sugar, full of love, and so giving.  

they live so full of joy that it pours out to everyone around them. 

and i'm lucky enough to have them as clients and friends.

matt's last name is steele.  it was tons of fun that they put the super hero twist to their day. 

rachel is a former miss pennsylvania.  the bridal party was full of royalty as well :). 

matt can DANCE!!

matt and rachel had this life sized cut out so friends could pose with them in the photo booth. 

how fun is that?

oh and london assisted me this day.  the last photo with her is exactly how she feels.  complete adoration for this special couple.

actually rachel and matt, we all do. 



 Ceremony: St. Michael's
Reception: The Lakeview Lodge
Videography: BC Productions
Decorations:  House of Weddings
Florals:  Brady Street Florist
DJ: Matt Grieniesen
Cake: Judy Huey
Photo Booth: Blue & White Photobooths
Cariactures:  Aaron Dwyer