shooting through windows

shooting through windows...the month of love

i need to stay inspired.

to do my very best work, i need to be creative on the side..i need to stretch my brain, my resources, my vision, and in the end, it all becomes play...and then art.

after the window shoot i did with my sister sherri, i decided it would be so very cool to try another window shoot in honor of valentine's day.  

jennifer and the girls at brady street florist, always have such beautiful displays, and we used her windows once again to set up my imagination to roam!

cindy, from studio 55, came with her outstanding wardrobe, and showed off her hair and make-up skills as well.  my buddy jake, is probably the only young guy i know who owns multiple bow ties, and awesome suits..:)

we got together, and...

well, see for yourself :)......