mary therese...Villa Maria Academy, Erie Pa

erie, pennsylvania has easily become one of my favorite places to shoot.

did you know that erie has been rated to have one of the top 5 sunsets in the entire WORLD?

erie :)

the lake looks and sounds like the ocean.

you can walk the beaches and find treasures of smooth beach glass…

and the people there, are genuine and loving.

a friend explained to me, that “ erie has the coldest, most brutal winters…but it also has the warmest, most heartfelt people.”

i couldn’t agree more.

meet mary therese…

a sweet, beautiful girl reigning from the beaches of lake erie.

this girl is one of 8 children!

we met up JUST at the beginning of the fall season for her senior pictures.

and yesterday…they had 9 inches of SNOW!!!

oh erie! :)

enjoy the images of this special girl!

senior 5.jpg
senior 2.jpg
senior 18.jpg
senior 19.jpg
senior 26.jpg
senior 42.jpg
senior 46.jpg
senior 54.jpg
senior 61.jpg
senior 65.jpg
senior 71.jpg
senior 73.jpg

garrett...seniors DCC 2019


one day sweet boy,

you will look back and see that,

all that all that you saw as true…

and what you honestly loved,

will be the base of who you are, and whom you have become…

i hope these images will help take you back there on that day.

shooting them for you, surely took me back!

my dear friend april from high school….

this is her beautiful son (sorry Garrett..we had to use that word!)…

Garrett 1.jpg
Garrett 2.jpg
Garrett 3.jpg
Garrett 4.jpg
Garrett 5.jpg
Garrett 6.jpg
Garrett 7.jpg
Garrett 8.jpg
Garrett 9.jpg
Garrett 10.jpg
Garrett 11.jpg
Garrett 12.jpg

macey - essenza seniors 2017

it happens over and over again...

i fall in love with my seniors!

mace came in, and was pure joy...

her quick smile, her humble confidence and hair that i couldn't get over... our session, i just wanted it to go on and on!

macey, what a beautiful combination you are of your parents and those who love you in life.  

girl you are special!!!!





carlee / essenza seniors and a throwback to 2009

now that i'm a mother of teenagers, i can understand more how quickly time passes. 

when your kids are small, it seems they will be small forever - then all of a sudden, they just aren't anymore.  and then all of a sudden, your son towers over you, and your little girl is searching for a formal gown.  

the older i get, the more i can see it.  it makes me want to grab the hands of time, and just stop them all altogether.  i understand this isn't an option, so i'm certain the next best thing that i can do is to be present in each moment, and then to stop time with my camera.  

this is where carlee steps in.  

a sweet little girl that i had the privilege of shooting this series of in 2009.

just look at her!

and here she is today.

going into her senior year, a state champion cross country runner, and a little girl grown up as a beautiful young women just ready to step out on her own.  

you are so special carlee!

carlee i can only think of what i may be shooting next for you !

thank you constable family for your support and love throughout the years.  

i think you guys are just awesome!

leigha seniors 2017

leigha will be a senior this coming year.  

this small town girl has big, big dreams.  

it's been such a treat getting to know her, sharing laughs, and shooting in all kinds of gorgeousness. :)

best wishes sweet leigha!  i believe in you!


"you are what you think.  so just think big, believe big, act big, work big, give big, forgive big, laugh big, love big and live big."  -andrew carnegie