make-up & beauty tips

it's kat chat tuesday...make-up & beauty tips for you!

meet katrina!
she is my resident make-up artist extraordinaire for all of my beauty shoots!

katrina is with Studio Fifty-Five in downtown dubois.

katrina is crazy talented as well as a wonderful friend.  i thought it would be really fun to feature her on the blog for her own "kat chat!"  she will give beauty & make-up tips, and will also take any questions you may have!

here's a little bit about her:

a licensed esthetician, katrina has studied and worked in san francisco and nyc.

she has worked with the famous paula dorf, and is now here , back home in dubois, to raise her family and work with  us. :)))


and without further ado, our first tips from our famous kat :)

KAT CHATtips1.jpg