sweet carlee all grown up / lakeshore country club erie, pa / joelle watt studios

i met the constable family…hmmmm….i'm not even sure how. :)  (way to finish a thought joelle!)

it doesn't matter anyway….all i know is that this family became not only one of my biggest promoters (josh would put my blog up on the "big screen" in the operating room at drmc!), and more importantly-great friends.  

carlee was their little girl, and years ago, when the majority of my business was wedding photography, i decided that i would like to branch out more into kids portraits, carlee was my model to do just that.  i had tons of promotional material printed with her sweet face, and her parents equally used her images at home to remember that special time in her life.  

eventually, the constables moved to erie, pa. 

last fall, i had the honor of shooting josh's sister, brianne's wedding, and just weeks ago, i revisited erie to shoot a handful of families.  carlee's mom, stacey, and i had spoken and she had thought that it would be a great time for carlee to have her portraits taken again.  carlee will soon turn 16!  she is an accomplished runner, an excellent student, and a beautiful girl…both inside and out.  

it's hard to believe this sweet little girl has blossomed into this stunning young lady - and it goes to show how fleeting time really is!  that our children grow up right before our eyes, and that today is the day to capture your child at whatever age they show them the beauty that you see in them everyday, and to hold on to a time that we can never get back.

carlee, what a beautiful, strong, intelligent lady you have grown to be!  it has been such an honor to capture your beauty and your spirit through my lens.  much love to you sweet girl-

you are beautiful darling!

i have no idea what year we did these!  maybe 2007 or 2008?

look who grew up!

i just MAY see a family resemblance!  it's car lee's aunt brianne…and hey!  the bridge looks familiar too :)))

sweet dollies...

i'll repeat it again...

one of my greatest joys is being their aunt...

and we get a new blessing this coming august too :)))!

 selah and giuliana.  my sweet little dollies that i want to squeeze and kiss forever!



sweet selah was such a trooper this day.  i PROMISE it was not one of the FRIGID days that we have had, but it was a winter day…so yes, cold.  i had selah outside for five minutes top, to shoot these images.  she sd to me..

"brrr aunt joelle, i cold!"…

i said, "i know baby doll, can aunt joelle take one more picture of you?  can you stand for one more real quick picture? "

"ok, aunt joelle…i try."

this sweet baby dolly…..i love her so much!