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2016 Exclusive Design Event

This new year has brought about yet one more profound loss in my life, 
and in our DuBois Community, with the passing of Pastor Dave Bish. 

And yet ONCE MORE I am reminded to cherish my time with loved ones, and to preserve my own memories. 

The digital media age has taught us to keep our photographs on our
phones, computers, and flash drives.  
And even as one who makes a  living preservong memories for clients, 
I too have been content to hand over priceless memories, images, and
pieces of art, included on a $20 flash drive. 

Over the past year, I have asked many of my clients if they have printed
out their cherished memories that we created together. 

99% of the time, the answer is, “no” they have not. 


For the first time EVER, I will be hosting a 3 DAY ONLY
Design Event at Joelle Watt Studios.
This is an exclusive, by appointment only event. 
Each appointment will be 90 minutes.

We will review your design needs, your images, and ideas that will
bring yoru images off of your computer, and onto your walls. 

Canvases and Canvas Groupings will be 40 % off!

Contact me today to reserve your spot!




ever since i've been a little girl, i've been inspired by words. 

i was the kind of kid who took great delight in heading to the library every two weeks and leaving with a a dozen books under my arm.  

i loved shakespeare... 


elizabeth barrett browning...

robert frost... 

i found inspiration in the hidden meaning of what they were speaking to me. 

i kept spiral tablets full of quotes... 

today, i have much less time to spend with my nose buried in a book (err, umm kindle) ,

searching for meaning and inspiration to life. 

all i have to say is, thank goodness for pinterest!  it sure does make it less time consuming when i'm searching for a good quote. 

truth be told, i still stick to my roots.

i still do love those words to live by & to be inspired by.

so what could be more fitting than collaborating my images with special words that i love? 

watch life become art... 

be inspired!  :)