mr & mrs. outdoor wedding at mccann school of art

8 years have gone by since she told me that i would shoot her wedding.  

that day came!

adrianne and nick were married at the McCann School of Art in Petersburg, PA.  nestled way back in the forest, just a little past happy valley, this wedding location was to die for.  

bridges and weeping willow trees....fountains and iron statues...cabins and an art gallery.  it was a true fairy forest that hosted adrianne and nick's special day perfectly.  

not only is adrianne stunning, she is brilliant too.  she finished law school early, and practices law here in dubois.  she is also a fierce runner and soccer coach.  

AND she did everything herself for this wedding.  from making each invite by hand, to every bouquet, or decoration featured.  the woman is a smart, talented one woman show...AND now nick's wife :)))

all that talk about you can see, nick has special traits as well.  he's an athlete and works in orthopedics...their kids are going to be superstars :)

my "light tester" for the reception :)  he he he  (it's my sister shannon!)

and adrianne's night pictures that she loves so much!

adrianne and nick the journey you have allowed me to share with you, to this point has been so special!  thank you for the opportunity to not only capture your memories, but to gain your friendship.  

i'm looking forward to see all the goodness and blessings that life has in store for you next!

much love!

marissa and kyle part 2

it's been a wait for part 2 of  marisa and kyle's wedding, but the wait is over :)

every bit of italian perfection was carried over even more!


where were we?
oh yes!  

marissa and kyle in love...:)


i just love the intimacy that the staged set lent to us!

thank you honeydew vintage rentals!

and seriously? 

look at the lakeview lodge!

marissa, kyle and families - wow!

much much love friends!


and credit to all who made it happen!

Bridal Gown- Pnina Tornai

Portrait Venue - The Dubois Harley Davidson Shop

Styling and Rentals- Honeydew Vintage Rentals

Vicki Spicher - Event Coordination

Make-up - Katrina Duncan

Hair - Marnie's Styling Salon

Florals - Woodrings Floral Gardens

Reception - The Lakeview Lodge


marissa and kyle - italian style

marissa had a dream of being married in italy. 

but she also wanted to be married at home for all those who she loves to be able to attend.  

the compromise? 

bring italy to pennsylvania!

working with wedding industry masterminds made this dream come to life.

the cool thing?  almost ALL of these masterminds are located right here in dubois, pa.

truthfully, i am blown away by the talent that our small town holds.  never ever underestimate the quality of creatives that we have here in western pennsylvania!

this is part 1 of marissa and kyle's wedding day.

there is so much, i was overwhelmed trying to fit it into one blogpost. 

ferraraccio family - I ADORE YOU! 

and my fellow vendors - i'm in awe of you!

here we go!

marissa's mom had a quilt made using all of her dance outfits and gowns she had worn over the years.  isn't this so so special?  :)

marissa's friend meggy,  flew here from england to be present on her special day.

and the quilt on this bed was a gift her parent's received on their wedding day!

seriously, the entire day had momentos present like this!

marissa got to say "yes" to her dress at kleinfelds in nyc.  even more special, she actually got to say "yes" to the designer of the gown who came out to see her!

katrina duncan did marissa's make-up.  it was flawless


and just in case you thought images like this happen easily, here is a pull back of what really went on for this shoot.

honeydew vintage created a whole mini cocktail hour ambiance with food and drinks, and it took 6 of us, yes SIX to pull of creating shots like this.

i love our crew!!

btw, thank you brittany from honeydew vintage for these pullback photos!

stay tuned - you haven't seen nothing yet!

up next, styled family images, more of marissa and kyle, and the treasure lake, lakeview lodge like it's never been seen before!



Church - St. Catherine's Church of DuBois, Pa

Home Set Designer - Brenda Kellar of Brenda's Creations

Portrait Venue - The Dubois Harley Davidson Shop

Styling and Rentals- Honeydew Vintage Rentals

Vicki Spicher - Event Coordination

Make-up - Katrina Duncan

Hair - Marnie's Styling Salon

Florals - Woodrings Floral Gardens

Reception - The Lakeview Lodge

lauren and ryan - a pittsburgh wedding

if i was asked to describe lauren and ryan's wedding in one word, it would be very simple.


the weather

the look

the feel


the love.

the wedding showcased some of pittsburgh's finest.

st. mary on the mount 

the overlook on mount washington

the hot metal bridge

and the circuit center 

perfect gorgeousness all around


you guys!!!  what a day!  

congratulations -xx


codi & charlie - what a love story

if you had read codi and charlie's love story, it certainly was one that you would never forget.  

if you haven't, you can read it here.  trust me, you will want to.  

so the thing about codi and charlie, besides their incredible story, is that their love just brings anyone who meets them into it.  

it's like watching a great movie...your forget you're watching it, because you're so involved.  

such is being around codi and charlie.   

their love, the looks they give one another, the kindness they extend for everyone, and just the way it is evident that they understand what a gift life and love are, make them so very very special. 

as codi and charlie are together because of codi's brother, there were so many special tributes to him and his memory throughout the day.

the wedding and reception were all held on charlie's parents' property.  it was gorgeous!

codi and charlie also planted a tree to memorialize their special day.  well, charlie planted it - codi made sure it was all done right :)!

and THEN they even braved a boat for pictures!

codi and charlie what an honor it has been to share in your journey and your love story.  

i can't wait to see what the future holds.

-xx mr. and mrs. lion! 

caitlin & clement married

i never met caitlin in person until her wedding day - (that is a rarity for me!)

but when she walked in with that wisp of a dress that moved with the slightest breeze, and then i met clement with the smile that could win the olympics, i knew it would be perfection.  :)))

clement is from the country of ghana

yes, here it is for you to geography had failed me!  and so much of his family had traveled to be with them for this special day.  

this is the picture story of caitlin and clement...

their wedding day and all who celebrated with them...

how visual opposites make perfection, and how love, when brought together from ANYWHERE equals perfection 





rachel & matt

even after all of these years, i still am amazed every time i look through the viewfinder of my camera.  of course i get to see the images i create, but often times what i SEE, i then use to create the visuals.  

i know it's confusing. :)

words joelle words!

maybe what i'm trying to say is that i witness so much of what a person or a couple is made of when i get to shoot with them.  that sometimes what screams out to me more is the infectious love they have, or the joy they carry...or the soft heart.  

this is the case with rachel and matt. 

genuine, sweeter than sugar, full of love, and so giving.  

they live so full of joy that it pours out to everyone around them. 

and i'm lucky enough to have them as clients and friends.

matt's last name is steele.  it was tons of fun that they put the super hero twist to their day. 

rachel is a former miss pennsylvania.  the bridal party was full of royalty as well :). 

matt can DANCE!!

matt and rachel had this life sized cut out so friends could pose with them in the photo booth. 

how fun is that?

oh and london assisted me this day.  the last photo with her is exactly how she feels.  complete adoration for this special couple.

actually rachel and matt, we all do. 



 Ceremony: St. Michael's
Reception: The Lakeview Lodge
Videography: BC Productions
Decorations:  House of Weddings
Florals:  Brady Street Florist
DJ: Matt Grieniesen
Cake: Judy Huey
Photo Booth: Blue & White Photobooths
Cariactures:  Aaron Dwyer