two schoolhouses joined together...and one beautiful family

this family is so special!

i met them when i photographed ashley and mom's wedding a few years back...

we became instant friends.

they asked me to come out their home (ashley's mom and dad's house) for family pictures.

the house used to be two brick school houses, joined into one, and now they live there!

i had so much fun, hearing and seeing the history of this school, now home....

but mostly, i loved just being around this beautiful family that is so full of love. 

i said it once, i'll say it again...

i adore you all!


s family 8.jpg

it started with these two!

and now they have this!!

s family 4.jpg
s family 3.jpg
s family 1.jpg
s family 5.jpg
s family 7.jpg
s family 9.jpg
s family 10.jpg
s family 11.jpg
s family 12.jpg
s family 13.jpg
s family 15.jpg
s family 16.jpg
s family 17.jpg
s family 18.jpg
s family 19.jpg
s family 20.jpg
s family 6.jpg