from a wedding to baby #3

i just love to watch families grow!

what a privilege it is, to have so many weddings behind me, that i get to see families come back for pictures... 1 baby, 2 baby, 3 babies - into their life together!

the EVEN MORE cool thing (sorry grammar fanatics), is that i have know erin, since she was her own little girl's age!  i have watched this beautiful, lovely, sweet as can be woman, evolve and grow through the years.  

certainly, the best part has been watching her life change, in front of my camera.

erin, danny and the kiddos were on a break home from south korea and we were fortunate enough to be able to get a shoot in with them (next shoot, baby #3 will be here!)

much much love murphy family.

Murphy 15.jpg

erin and danny, from this...

Murphy 1.jpg

to this :)))!

Murphy 2.jpg
Murphy 4.jpg
Murphy 8.jpg
Murphy 6.jpg
Murphy 7.jpg
Murphy 11.jpg
Murphy 10.jpg
Murphy 12.jpg
Murphy 14.jpg
Murphy 9.jpg