the wirth's family

if one could reside in a vacation home, i've found the family that does. 

set on a beautiful spot on bimini lake, with majestic lake views from every angle in their home, the Wirth's house reflects the spirit that they, themselves carry. 

grounded, but care-free, always chasing light, and enjoying the simple things that life offers...

i've been photographing the wirth's family for well over ten years now. 

and even before the session, we walked around their house, looking at all of the photos and remembering the times that we had shooting them.  

it's funny looking at this new round of images.

they are filled with all of the same emotion and characteristics that the others held in years past, 

it's as if only the years have changed their children...and all else remains the same. 

i treasure this family, their spirit and their friendship!

Wirths 1.jpg
Wirths 10.jpg
Wirths 9.jpg
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Wirths 12.jpg
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Wirths 3.jpg
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