i received a card from the REAL SANTA!


i got a card from the REAL SANTA!

i’m not even joking.  

a few years back i had the opportunity to meet the kindest man…the REAL SANTA. 

i called him on the phone (yes, i was able to obtain his REAL phone number….now i just need amy grants!!!::)

and i talked to him about visiting us at Brady Street Florist for our vintage Santa pictures. 

the whole time i talked to him, he “ho ho ho’d” and his beautiful, loving spirit gushed out with his every word. 

THIS YEAR, he agreed to visit with us once more. 

and yet again, on our shooting day, i was blessed with the opportunity to hear him love on the children as they whispered their wishes…

he listened attentively, encouraged each child, showering them with praises and sincere interest. 

i watched a grown man, laugh and love on so many children, welcoming them into his arms…without judgement…only love. 

THIS is Santa’s gift to the world. 

what God has spoken on his heart to share.

i know the images speak for themselves in how Santa enjoyed these children. 

but i can’t show you pictures of what santa did for me. 

Santa shared with ME, his delight in giving of himself. 

he didn’t try to show it, he lived it. 

and i realized that this was something that i had somehow let fall on my list. 

yesterday, i was able to speak with someone that needed a gift that i could give. 

they didn’t ask for this gift, but i felt the need all over my crowded, busy, self consumed heart.  

i felt God reminding me of whom He created me to be and why…

and i went to sleep feeling full of divine joy. 

today, as i was going through all of the holiday cards i have received, i picked up this special one again. 

the card that the REAL SANTA had sent to me. 

my heart leaped, and i laughed out loud with gratitude. 

seriously WHO gets a card form the REAL SANTA (not a helper!)??!!

and how blessed am i, that i was reminded by such a special individual that to GIVE is to live. 

you don’t need the real santa to be reminded of this. 

there are examples of this kind of love, living all around us. 

this season is so quickly coming to a close, but the need for us to share of ourselves, lives immensely all throughout the year. 

just a reminder, as you finish your wrapping and bustle…

it just may be, that the biggest most precious gift that you can give this year, is simply…YOU.