mercedes...DCC senior 2019 and CLICK member!


i can’t believe how time truly does fly.

i’ve known this special girl since she was about 15 months old.

and here we are, as she gets ready to graduate from high school, and follow where her heart leads her.

speaking of her heart…it is HUGE.

overcoming her own obstacles has given mercedes the desire to help others as she was given help.

that’s a big reason that she joined CLICK this year…to help, to give back, and to serve.

a lover of nature, plants and art, we were able to find the perfect backdrops to express herself fully.

mercedes, you are a special girl, whose heart is feels big time.

i’m honored to work with you, and mentor you.

and i cannot wait to see how you change others lives as you enter art therapy.


mercedesseniors 2.jpg
mercedesseniors 12.jpg
mercedesseniors 14.jpg
mercedesseniors 1.jpg
mercedesseniors 13.jpg
mercedesseniors 15.jpg
mercedesseniors 4.jpg
mercedesseniors 10.jpg
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mercedesseniors 9.jpg

hair & airbrush mu: shannon cooper