Gaige...Baldwin High School Senior


i’ve known gaige since he was a newborn…actually, gaige is my cousin michelle’s handsome son. :)

i can’t believe the young man he has grown up to be…

this guy is so talented!!!

he has accepted TWO EMMY awards as a student director on the Reel Teens of Pittsburgh.

and he in his 4th year of working with his film company , Steeltown Entertainment Project.

we had to shoot these images in pittsburgh - gaige’s stomping ground :))

gaige2 13.jpg
gaige2 14.jpg
gaige2 15.jpg
gaige2 16.jpg
gaige2 9.jpg
gaige2 2.jpg
gaige2 10.jpg
gaige2 8.jpg
gaige2 4.jpg
gaige2 11.jpg
gaige2 6.jpg
gaige2 12.jpg
gaige2 7.jpg
gaige2 5.jpg
gaige2 1.jpg
gaige2 3.jpg

love you gaige!