kassy...here she is!


i've known kassy for about 7 years.

her sister and my daughter are kind of besties :).

i've adored this girl from afar, as long as london has been friends with her sister, natalia.

but this year, i had had the pleasure of having kassy in my CLICK group, and getting to know her on a much greater foundation. 

kassy is da' BOMB.


she is the sweetest, 

most sincere,

hardest working, 

most lovable, 

homecoming queen!!!!!,

and friend ever.

this girl, i love from head to toe.

here is a sample of her winter session.

MUCH MUCH more to come from our kassy!

kassy 1.jpg
kassy 2.jpg
kassy 3.jpg
kassy 4.jpg
kassy 5.jpg

btw, winter sessions are SO MUCH FUN!!!!

we were freezing, (temp was in the the low 30's), but it had our adrenaline going, and we were moving and shooting quick.  the cold almost heightens our experience!!! :)

here's more!

kassy 6.jpg
kassy 7.jpg
kassy 8.jpg
kassy 11.jpg
kassy 15.jpg
kassy 16.jpg

can't wait to show you more...i adore this girl entirely!!