Lauren...Seniors 2018...pure joy :)

"a joyful spirit is evidence of a grateful heart. " - maya angelou

JOY is completely what i saw first in her.

well, besides her smile. ;)

lauren walked into my studio the day of her senior session, and her joy just spilled out.

as shannon did her hair and make-up, and lauren, her mom, sister ashely  and i talked about where and how we would make this shoot happen, her dad stopped by.  he couldn't stay away completely and miss such a special day in his daughter's life.   whew.  

seeing the smile and pride he showed, then ducking out to give "the girls their time", i got it. 

this family was secure in themselves and each other.  they loved like - ALL love. 

and lauren was a product of that. 

how i enjoyed her!  she filled my own soul with laughter and helped ME feel carefree :). 

what most spoke to me about lauren was the confidence she held in herself.  

the joy she found in EVERYTHING.

and how she shared and exhibited that joy without reservation. 

a few nights ago, her family sat in my studio, and we played her video up on "the big screen."

i wanted to jump up and down! 

in the images, you can just FEEL lauren's heart!  and it is so so special.  

sitting with the people she loves most, i TOTALLY get why it is that way. 

what a girl...what a family 

lauren...xoxoxo you exquisite girl!

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