Averi...Seniors 2018...an old soul

"she's an old soul whose heart speaks an all but forgotten language."  -JM Storm


i knew heidi casually in high school.  

heidi had the smile and laugh that you could see and hear coming, a mile away. 

a year older than me (i'm totally not rubbing that in heidi!), she graduated and went her own way, and a year later, i went mine. 

OF COURSE, Facebook reconnected us years ago. 

at the time, what i was speaking and sharing was right up her alley. 

her daughter averi needed to hear and be told what what i was sharing. 

but heidi, her husband, her son and averi now lived in north carolina.  

we talked about possibly getting the message there, but life took over. 

fast forward probably 6 years later, and averi is now a senior.  

averi is going into film making for her career.

i think heidi just KNEW that averi and i would click.  

averi is this beautiful old soul...

she gets things and has a sense for things, like she's been around a whole lot longer than she actually has. 

my dad always called me the same. 

averi and i...we just clicked.  


and then we literally did. 

it was magic.  

two creatives...and this is what we got.  


you see, it's not only about pictures!

it's all about "GETTING" the person you are shooting.  (even IF you are different!)

it's about going above and beyond what you promised you would. 

it's about making the experience and pictures JUST AS important to you, the photographer, as it is to the "client."

THIS is my heart, and what i THRIVE on!

meet the beautiful, and one day to be known everywhere and anywhere...AVERI.

-xoxox love!

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