he is their son...gotcha day 06.14.17

so many blessings...

again, i sit in front of my computer and shake my head at the way God has orchestrated people and events in my life.  

this one is a tear jerker.  that's your warning :)

the holes family lived across the street from us for about 6 or 7 years.  

during that time, their daughter, gretchen, became an important extension to our family.

after having our 3 babies in 3 years...i needed help!  

gretchen would watch our kids and help out with me.  

when she would babysit, we would come home to a cleaned up house, dishes done, cookies that had been made with the kids, and cards and pictures that she helped them with.  she NEVER ever ceased to amaze us with the responsibility she showed and the love and care she gave to our children.  and she was just a teenager!  we loved her so much, we wouldn't share her name with anyone, because we didn't want our beloved gretchen "taken" by another family for babysitting :)))

the holes family moved...not far away, but when they aren't across the street anymore, it was easy to just lose touch.  

a little bit ago, (the mom), suzi, contacted me.  after raising 5 girls, her and her husband austin, had opened up their home to foster children.  they were getting to adopt their first son, and asked if i could be there to memorialize it.  

yesterday was "GOTCHA DAY" for one very special little boy. 

and after all of this time, again, at such a pivotal time for this family, we were re-united again. 

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