a miracle story

a miracle story...at christmas.

the sentiments of my heart are swirling more and more as christmas comes closer. 

there are so many personal things that create the emotional roll, and there are some that are business and personal together. 

this is one of them...

actually, it's a christmas miracle story if you will. 

i'd love to share it with you. 


back when our kids were young, for many years, charlie and i led worship every sunday at our church.  

we would take friday night to practice at the church then have a date night after.  

every single friday.

at the time, we had this family that lived next door to us with 4 girls at home. 

the 12 year old, gretchen, came to us one day with a handwritten resume offering her babysitting services. 

at the time, jordy was still a baby.  

and so it started, that gretchen would come and help with the kids while i got stuff done around the house.  not long after, she started to babysit for us every friday night (and more!). 

gretchen became an extension of our family, and we treasured her so much that we would not tell people who our babysitter was because we wanted to keep her for ourselves!

years passed, and as the children in her family grew, it came time for her family to move. 

we lost touch for a few years. 

this summer, her mom contacted me about a special project. 

after raising 5 girls to adulthood, gretchen's parents decided to open their home to foster children. 

they adopted their son nathaniel this summer and i was able to be there to capture the special moments of that day.  it was so moving!

nathaniel had two little sisters that the holes family wanted to give their name to as well, and to take them as their very own. 

that special day happened last week. 

there aren't words to describe what you see as a child becomes part of a family. 

there aren't emotions wide enough to express how a heart bursts seeing unconditional love, and a family gathering these children, their painful little pasts, and handing those kids love and a happy future. 

accepted, wanted, adored - a place to belong...

the only way to express it, is my camera. 

and it is an honor to share that with you. 

all my love holes family. 

i'm still crying. :)