carlee / essenza seniors and a throwback to 2009

now that i'm a mother of teenagers, i can understand more how quickly time passes. 

when your kids are small, it seems they will be small forever - then all of a sudden, they just aren't anymore.  and then all of a sudden, your son towers over you, and your little girl is searching for a formal gown.  

the older i get, the more i can see it.  it makes me want to grab the hands of time, and just stop them all altogether.  i understand this isn't an option, so i'm certain the next best thing that i can do is to be present in each moment, and then to stop time with my camera.  

this is where carlee steps in.  

a sweet little girl that i had the privilege of shooting this series of in 2009.

just look at her!

and here she is today.

going into her senior year, a state champion cross country runner, and a little girl grown up as a beautiful young women just ready to step out on her own.  

you are so special carlee!

carlee i can only think of what i may be shooting next for you !

thank you constable family for your support and love throughout the years.  

i think you guys are just awesome!