adrianne and nick engaged / parker dam state park

the first memory i have of adrianne is from about 8 years ago.  i was watching her getting her fixed for her brother's wedding, while playing on her blackberry.  we started talking, and about ten minutes later she told me that i was going to shoot her wedding one day.

life is sure unpredictable - and yet, i guess it still IS predictable. 

the ways that i have gotten to know adrianne since are many.  we have shared many lunches, talks, laughs, worries, friends, and now, just as she told me, i'm getting ready to shoot her special day, all these years later. 

but i'm getting ahead of myself-

but even before i do that, i need to share her engagement photos with the love of her life, nick.

we met up at Parker Dam State Park, then ended the perfect evening at her uncle's cabin at the park.  adrianne dreamed up the whole thing - oh- just wait til you see :)!

i'll have you two know that, the day after our shoot,  i saw a picture of a HUGE HUGE snake on fb, that was right where we shot.  glad i wore my boots :))

meet mr. reagan :)

and adrianne's creation!

just to clarify, the fist bump is because nick is so exited to marry adrianne, NOT because this was the last picture we took ;)!  ha!  

Can't wait for the wedding you two!