you're only young once

a shoot like the one that follows, is styled specifically for the young women of 2016.  

free spirited, natural, but full of style....and yes, you are only young but once...


do you know what energizes a creative person's mind to overdrive?

i'll tell you - 

other creative people!

when you have the opportunity to dream and work with people who dream and work like you do, there is no limit to the wonders you can pull off!

fortunately, i am one super lucky girl to have many creative friends.  

i got to team with two of them a few weeks ago:

the first, Jennifer Jackson - Torrell at Brady Street Florist.  Jennifer is well known for her incredible and unique floral work.  she designed the floral crown, the garland, bouquet, and also brought those INCREDIBLE peonies (yes those ARE real!).  

flower crowns are HUGE right now.  it was so fun to be able to shoot with these.  

secondly, Lindsey Taylor with Honeydew Vintage.  this girl never ceases to amaze me with her business sense, and her talent.  when working together, lindsey often hangs around for the shoots, and seriously, it is like having another set of hands attached to my brain!  lindsey has tons and tons of vintage furniture and pieces that we used to pull off this hip, sought after boho look!