welcome baby isla...a birth story

in all honesty, 

i have stopped crying for only moments since sunday morning.  

my beautiful niece, isla austin entered the world then, and the world has seemed quite different since.  and the only way i'm able to view it, is through tear filled eyes.

i have found a perspective of it with my camera, of course. 

and if i could, i'd love to share it with you. 

yesterday,i commented on social media..."almost 31 years ago, at under 4 pounds, i fell in love with my sister....and today, i fell in love with her daughter - and her all over again."

i truly did.

for sherri, and all who have loved her, we have lived her joys and her struggles with her.  we have watched the fragility of life, the love of Jesus and His hand of protection on her life, for years. 

and most recently, the term of her pregnancy has held deep struggles, moments of loss, and tons of wrenching moments that have put our family on our knees.  so many, what's?  why's?  how's? and more prayers.  the video i have created is the story what happens as isla is born.


but what it does not tell, is what brings the tears to my cheeks over and over. 

sherri delivered a healthy baby girl.   i was able to be there to document it.

our step father, bill, has made it through many serious health issues, and was there to celebrate with us.  

Skype kept nathan's sister as close as possible for this time, and shannon was able to share very special moments with sherri.  

childhood friends helped deliver isla, and the team who made sure everyerone was healthy and ok, was incredible.  

when isla entered this world, her cry was the exact cry i heard from her mother, 30 years ago.  she will be feisty, but sweet, and a fighter through and through....

but most importantly, this child will be taught the love and jesus, and will KNOW love.  

my cup runneth over.