she's my best friend...

what can thrill a mother's heart more than to see joy on her child's face?

my heart has been on overdrive this week as london's best friend, ericca was home for a surprise visit.  ericca moved to texas a few years ago, and her and her family took part of our hearts with them! 

how do you know your best friend is part of the family?  when your little sister and her bicker over who gets to ride shotgun:))))!

another fun note, we got to spend some time this week shopping, doing hair, make-up, and having a photo shoot.  every 13 year old girl's dream :)!

these girls!


here is a video of ericca surprising london.  oh my heart~

and ericca surprising jordan, who loves her so much as well!

here's to best friends and being 13!