the moments...CHERISH


she connected with me as she has for the past few years in a try to get special pictures of her girls together for the christmas season.  we could never make it work before.  

the fact that she lives in williamsburg, virginia didn't matter one bit.  

neither did the fact that she wanted pictures of only her little girls, and i decided to change it up into a day long, fairytale shoot that had in her in a big red gown too.  if you know marcela, then you know she's on board for pretty much anything when she believes in what you do.  

that's just what she did. 

we sent pictures of gowns back and forth...

concepts and ideas for the shoot...

and she allowed me to scheme up to the very last detail...

it took my sister and her wonder to bring to life the vision i wanted...

and it took my sweet friend rachel, and my london and jordan holding reflectors, carrying blankets, pushing back hair...

i took nearly an entire day.  

it took moment upon moment, memory upon memory.

we were freezing, noses running, laughing, and we did it.  

we brought it all to life. 

the moments.

trying to warm up after the shoot, marcela and i got to talk a bit about our "why's."

my "why" for the shoot, because i know these "little girl" days are fleeting,

and how the next thing you know, her loose teeth turn into a mouthful of braces.  

and the little girls dresses turn into prom gowns...

and although she is not there yet, marcela trusted me.  

that was enough of a why for her. 

she believed me.

invested in me.

so i could give her this.