it's here! our design event!

let me tell you a story....

i shot with film up until my 3rd baby, jordan was about 3 months old.  

from our wedding until then, i have all of those pictures in photo albums that my kids love to look through.  

this past year, as jordan was getting ready to get promoted to middle school, she needed a photo of herself.  (of course this was a last minute request!) oh, i have photos of her - on about 6 external hard drives, and as 20x30 framed prints in my home!  but not one picture to give her to take to school.  i had to ask my mom for one!

the moral of this story?

well other than putting it out there that i made my child feel unwanted and unloved (it was a dramatic perfromance!), i tell you this because YOU need to get your photos off of your hard drives as well.  

digital files are great to have...

you can keep them forever, but get your photos off of them!  print them, display them, give them as gifts...

and let me help you :)

from november 10-30th, i am hosting a design event at my studio.  

it is by appointment only, and i will sit one on one with you and help you decide what to do with your images, and how.  

make your appointment today...

now, i'm off to print some albums for my family :))

here are just a few examples of what we can create together for your home!

30x40 custom designed collage

30x40 custom designed collage

16x20 custom designed canvas or print

16x20 custom designed canvas or print