i said i would stop. abbie & ben. soldiers & sailors, pittsburgh, pa

i cannot tell you how many times i have said that i am done with weddings. 

i started shooting weddings when i was 27.

in my career, i have shot HUNDREDS.

it looks like glamorous work. 

it looks fun.

it is.  

it is exhilarating - emotional - intense.

BUT, it is really really hard. 

the amount responsibility on one for the "day of a lifetime", is enormous. 

now, as i am 13 years older than when i started, the toll it takes on my body is far greater than it used to.  

i carry 35 lbs of equipment around on me all day. 

thank the good lord jesus, that chaz did not get a shot of me the day of abbie's wedding.

it had hit 100 degrees that day, i had eaten ravenously before the wedding, some random burrito chaz found on the strip in pitt.  i was gulping down gatorade, and the entire picture was NOT pretty. 

but let me tell you what was glorious:

my friend abbie.

her husband, ben.

the dreams they and their family made into reality and the enormously special day that they became husband and wife. 

i do not shoot because of the glamour. 

i shoot because of the moments.  i shoot because of the people, and the memories.

and my dear, beautiful abbie, yours were exquisite.

ONLY part one of the day...

many more to follow.

abbie, ben and families....

i love you!

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