announcing the brand new portraiture line - essenza, and an incredible opportunity for you!

it's happening again....

it's time that joelle watt studios expands yet once more, and i am so very excited to announce a brand new line of fine art portraiture that has my heart all over it. 

for years now, i have been drawn to developing relationships with women, through all stages of life.  i love to encourage women of all ages.  i have done this in the past with "Be Your Own Beautiful", with my Essenza Intimate portraiture and through almost any other area of my work.  

girls, teens, seniors, women - of all ages and circumstances, need to be nurtured, encouraged, and empowered.  and i truly feel that this is a calling in my life - to do this - with my voice, my heart, and my camera.  

Essenza in italian, translates to essence.  

as we move through life, our essence changes.  

through every stage, and every circumstance, we evolve.  and more often than not, these life changes aren't always easy for us to embrace.  even so, we MUST.  and as i have seen time and time again, a portrait has a spectacular, almost magical way of showing us the beauty that we forget is there...the essence of the moment that needs and deserves to be cherished.  

with that in mind, i have branched a new line fine art portraiture geared toward every women - from ages 8-88, in so many different ways that each life stage will have it's own title.  

this studio overturn, will have so many opportunities for YOU in the near future.  

i will be looking for models, faces and stories in the coming months, and will be reaching out to you for help in doing that - so stay alert!  there is excitement you will not want to miss.  

to begin, i would love to have you meet jenna.  jenna is a strong, beautiful woman that i have had the honor of knowing since she was a young teenager.  today, she is a mother who has overcome trials that justifiably could have broken her.  she is a mother of 3 children under the age of 4.  she is most definitely at a stage in life, that she could forget the beauty and women that she is.  

i will share more of her story with you in the coming weeks.  

this past saturday, i also shot my beautiful sister shannon.  

again, mother of 3 children, extremely talented, and an overcomer.  

two young mothers, who needed to reconnect with their soul - their essence.  

and now you....

drum roll is the first opportunity for you:

and YES, you are reading correctly - by choosing to a take part in a complimentary portrait session, you can possibly receive unlimited family portrait sessions for an entire year, and i will waive every session fee.

essenza mothers of young children

if you are a mother of young children -

mark your calendars, for friday, april 10th from 4-7 pm at my studio.

i will give you all the information that you need - and we can plan your shoot, to show YOU, the beauty that are today!