winter is dead -

winter is dead -

it goes without saying, i do think, even if you do not live in northwestern pennsylvania, that this winter has been one of the deepest, hardest, coldest, unrelenting winters in a very long time.  

if you know me, possibly even casually, or from Facebook or my blog, you MAY have picked up on the very same scenario occurring in my life.  

see, there is something about a freezing winter that i think  in this life, that feels worse than hell.  for throughout my personal freeze, at times, i could not feel anything.  and then, at times, the cold served me to the core, so that i could not speak...sometimes so deep and close to the end, that even my shaking would stop.  slowly but surely, the freeze that had settled in, literally began to immobilize me...but even then, in the depths of my heart, the place that was the only place left alive - my soul, where my creator and savior lives - i could still feel a trace of warmth - the trace of a heartbeat.

 this has kept me going.  this has kept me alive. 

friends....the freeze is beginning to melt.

have you noticed?  all around us.

as i type, i hear the pitter pat of the droplets hitting the roof from the icicles giving way to - wait - is it the WARMTH of the sun?  as i type, yes i feel it....the sun, shining through the windows above my desktop.  the sun is is trying to stay, and it has entered back into my home and heart in a way that i have missed, so very dearly.

i won't comment on the hurts and trials that i and those around us who love us, have endured these past two years, but i will tell you that the extent of pain and weariness that these trials have  brought into our lives have been nearly delibitating - even deadly.  

i will tell you that prayer works. 

i will tell you that God loves, heals, blesses and lives. 

i will tell you that i just last week, looked into the mirror, and was astounded at the person staring back at me.  who was she?  i look different - what we have lived, has changed me.  to put it mildly, i look worse for the wear.  my house, it needs a huge, good needs the windows opened and aired needs painted, it needs renewed.  

but just as life, this change, in order to be successful - sustainable, it must be done correctly, through the correct processes and with the right materials. 

this winter will need to be CLEANED up, good riddance.  i think my poor puppy sinks into more road cinders than mud on our potty outings.  

my life...we are airing out, cleaning up...regrouping.

and so is this business....which i do hope you all know, is a huge part of my heart.  

and as this ice gives way to cool spring, rushing waters, i am beyond anxious to share with you what has been stirring in my mind and heart...a new/old revelation that i plan to implement - plan to share with you -plan to bring to you...

today, enjoy the transition.

as i just did, go ahead....shed your thick, warm, fleece sheets for cotton..your flannel pjs for knit...

adjust to the change...let it settle in..

the sun is on it's way...

friends, the best, is yet to come.

Lamentations 3:22-23English Standard Version (ESV)

22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;[a]
    his mercies never come to an end;
23 they are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.