watch the video - i promise...

it's been well over a year since i last mentioned my couples essenza to you.

some things, much like good wine, take time. 

essenza has aged and fermented and it's not only time to show it to you, it is the time for you to taste it's very best. 

essenza - essence spoken, in the beautiful italian tongue. 

as a couple?  


let me tell you why.

do you remember the book, the movie, The Notebook?

(i know, i REALLY asked was for emphasis only - promise )

anyway, do you remember witnessing their raw, bold, gorgeous, never ending love?

and seeing it so strongly and so clearly that your throat knotted trying not to cry at the rare glimpse of a story that had been not only remembered, but treasured SO MUCH, that it was chronicled for all of time?

it was their love....their legacy.  

ok...enough words...

still not catching the whole idea?

watch the'll get it - PROMISE :)!


get it?

ok...ONLY AND ONLY until february 14th, book your couples essenza for $125.  

i have a limited amount of shoots available, and i will never offer couples essenza at this price again...