old friends, paul mitchell and lake erie...

did you ever have the opportunity to get together again with someone that you haven't seen in YEARS? (like 20???) and from the moment you see them again, it is as if not one moment has passed between you?  even with college, marriages, births, jobs, and deaths that have occurred during that elapsed time, it STILL brings your right back to where you left off.

a few weeks back, i had that opportunity.  

traveling to erie for shoots, i was able to reunite with a great high school buddy, eliza and take photographs of her beautiful children.  

what a very very special treat that was! 

from the moment she pulled in to the parking lot where we were to meet, and slammed her brakes on, shifted to park, and jumped out for a hug, we were right back to giggles and great times.  

i HAD to include this yearbook picture.  the year 1992, was the epitomy of aqua net hairspray and the very year i was introduced to john paul mitchell, yes - through eliza.  our group of friends, sure did love each other….and hairspray!  (sammy why were you on my back???? ha!)

and the story is, that eliza married her high school sweetheart ross, and live happily ever after in erie, raising their 3 children.  they have the sweetest kids, and every image i shot was reminiscent to me of the look and feel of the kennedy family!  no posing needed!

eliza, your family is so beautiful and the only way that you have changed is that you are even more beautiful than you were back then.  

mmwwwaaahhh to you all!