waterfalls, 4 wheelers, mud and love, OH MY!

i had the wonderful opportunity to meet megan the first time, i believe at ross…or was it cvs?  anyway, i had heard SOOOOO much about this girl from her big brother ryan (mr. pennsylvania teacher of the year), but had never met her.  i'm sure we sd "hello", but then we immediately hugged.  that's the connection we had right away through ryan, but also between us.  

fast forward a couple of years, and a newly engaged megan, and i found myself at her parent's beautiful property in brockway to shoot her engagement photos.  

megan and tom are a blast!!!  

in an easy going, fun, carefree, outdoorsy kind of way (i'm sure you know exactly what i mean now! he he he)

megan and tom's dog, oakley joined us on the shoot for awhile!

he was TOTALLY into the shoot and the romance as you can see!  he he he

can you believe this view?  so beautiful it  took my breath away!

THEN, megan and tom pulled out the 4 wheelers.  i have never been on a 4 wheeler!  oh my gosh, it's the new thing i want!  SOOOO much fun.  i can't wait to do it again without my camera around my neck so i can get the REAL experience!

see the lovely, "water" behind them???  it's s huge mud hole! :))) can you believe mud could look so pretty??


to top off the night, we headed to a friend's private beach.  

it was windy and a bit chilly, but that only makes it cozier for the pictures huh? :)

megan and tom, i ADORE you and your beautiful family.  i'm so excited and so honored to walk this exciting time of your life with you!  mmwwaaah!