taylor…seniors 2014

i mentioned before that i was there on the day taylor was born.  

taylor's mom, heather, has been a treasured friend to me over the years. 

heather has raised a beautiful, confident, tender hearted daughter in taylor.   it brings me so much joy to see the person that she has grown to be!  

i think that one of my favorite things about shooting signature senior sessions, is that i get a chance to explore and reveal the unique aspects and personalities of each individual...

with taylor…we got her sincere spirit, her easy going nature, her love for the eurpoean world, the funky edge she likes to bring out, and the sassy side that she has in there as well.  i love to see the "complete picture" of a life - in pictures :)!

this part of the shoot was so neat…to all of us!  i had babysat taylor as a baby, and while i had her, i snapped these pictures for her mom and framed them, as a gift.  heather kept that frame all these years, and taylor brought it to the shoot!  couldn't you see my mad photography skills even back then?  he he he!

taylor, your life is a beautiful one that i am so honored to have had the opportunity to capture it in all of it's variables, and to share it with you.  i'm so excited to see where your determination and your faith take you in this life!