do you remember your BFF?

do you remember your childhood best friend?

what a gift to have someone to share secrets, laughs and your heart with!

london has a dear bestie, ericca.

ericca moved to texas about 8 months ago.  since then, my london has been lost and yearning for her best friend.  they face time almost nightly, but it's not the same :)

ericca's family came home for a visit over the holidays.

she surprised her friends at school.  the reuniting was truly a tear jerker.  (be sure to watch the video link!)

over the break, they have had sleepovers, more sleepovers and fun!

i told london that for her birthday, i would do a photoshoot with her and her bff.


this video says everything about having a best friend at eleven years old.  enjoy!

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