attend a girls BYOB seminar!

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Read what others have to say about this special program!


-"I had the pleasure of having Joelle come to meet  my Brownie troop of 28 girls and present her “Be Your Own Beautiful” (BYOB) seminar.  Joelle was organized, dynamic and very knowledgeable of the subject at hand.  She provided a professional, fun and hands on  environment to learn in. (Which was just perfect for 2nd and 3rd graders!).  It was very clear as I watched her interactions with these girls, that this is a true passion of hers. It was important to her that she help these young girls discover and embrace their individual inner  beauty…and SHE DID!  Kudos to Joelle for recognizing  the importance of “BYOB” and for  being such an inspiration to these  young girls."


-"The girls all left feeling good about themselves and uplifted by the thought that each one of them was "just the way they were suppose to be". In a world that is so focused on all the things we can change about ourselves, and constant comparisons, Joelle's message reminded the girls that they only need to be themselves. It was a wonderful meeting and we hope to have her return."