behind the scenes and bailey's be your own beautiful story

i met bailey almost one year ago. 

yet from day one, it is has felt like we are sisters. 

bailey lives with a skin disorder that she was born with.     

she had shared her story with me, and i knew i had to turn it into a "be your own beautiful story."

this summer, my two girls worked with me quite a bit (they are 9 and 10). 

both have met bailey, and i thought it would be a wonderful experience to plan this shoot WITH my girls.  we read bailey's story together, mapped out her feelings, and each voiced our vision that we would want to capture in the images.   

the day of the shoot, was one of the most special days EVER. 

london, jordan, and i, helped style bailey, pose her, run with her, twirl with her and shoot her.  it all ended with a pizza party :) 

what i get to do in my life is amazing.   

who i get to meet in my life, blesses me incredibly. 

that i get to share my dreams, my passion and my heart with my children in this way....aaaaahhhh....there just aren't words! :))) 


here are a few snippets of our day together... 

a few of bailey, and... 

i proudly introduce, Bailey's Be Your Own Beautiful Story. 


and my girls...behind the scenes!!