how stickers changed my perspective...

i walk past this picture every day...multiple times. 

we took this the day before my dad had his first brain surgery.  

he was diagnosed with glioblastoma (stage 4 brain cancer), while residing in arkansas.  

all 5 of his children lived back here in pa.   

he decided to be treated in pittsburgh for two reasons:

to be close to his kids, and bc of the esteem pitt held in glioblastoma treatment.  

that is all just side information... 

the heart of what carries within in me is the story of how he lived his terminal diagnosis for us (his children).   

just one of the ways that he did that is expressed ultimately in this image. 

we were in pitt, getting all of his pre-op work done for his brain surgery the next day.  

he had an MRI, and they had to put these stickers all over his head as to where they would be targeting in surgery the next morning.  he came out of that MRI, looked at us, and we all started laughing.  it was about 1:00 in the afternoon, and he was free to leave until the next morning.. .WITH these stickers all over his forehead.

can i insert something here? 

my dad was self-conscious about alot of things.  

he was about 5'4" in HEIGHT :).   

he had basically become an orphan in his early teen years, placed in group homes, and trying to stay protective of his baby sister, my aunt joann.   

he worried about his weight even though he shouldn't have. (hmmmm maybe it's in my blood?) 

...that's just a few to mention... 

to walk around pittsburgh, to go out to eat, and to try to relax in doing things together that afternoon, he HAD TO WEAR THOSE STICKERS! 

this is when i noticed the change in perspective in him.  

in all reality, we had no idea if he would live through that surgery the next morning.  and really if he did, how long would he live after?  

that was the point that i saw dad begin to live for us in a way i had never seen before. it didn't matter anymore how tall he was, what he was wearing or how he carried his weight on his small frame...his kids needed him, and they needed these memories. 

we left that hospital, arms linked and painted the town...for about 5 hours:). 

we had photo sessions everywhere we stopped.   

this was taken on the steps of one of our all time favorite restaurants... the church brew works.


please forgive my iphoto taken from a frame on my wall:)

please forgive my iphoto taken from a frame on my wall:)

THIS is why today is the day to stop focusing on personal faults and to start focusing on creating memories for those we love.   

i get it. i'm a mom who wishes i looked differently too.

but this is why i step in front of the camera too... 

make-up or my goal weight or puffy :) 

they say an image speaks a thousand words. 

i'd have to agree.