happy 4th!!! treasure these moments....





we blinked and our kids went from the first image to the second.  

we shot this at the same beach, with 8 years in between. 


the 4th of july has always been a special holiday for us! 

how about you? 

i just think it's a day full of memories to be made with friends and family. 

it's a day to reflect on our blessings and our great nation.... 

it's a day filled to the brim with reasons to celebrate the gratefulness i feel in my heart for the gifts in my life i feel are most important! 


blessings to you today friends! 

treasure those close to you. 

be grateful for our liberties. 

have great fun making memories.... 

and may God bless you and this great nation that we call home. 

happy 4th of july!