ever since i've been a little girl, i've been inspired by words. 

i was the kind of kid who took great delight in heading to the library every two weeks and leaving with a a dozen books under my arm.  

i loved shakespeare... 


elizabeth barrett browning...

robert frost... 

i found inspiration in the hidden meaning of what they were speaking to me. 

i kept spiral tablets full of quotes... 

today, i have much less time to spend with my nose buried in a book (err, umm kindle) ,

searching for meaning and inspiration to life. 

all i have to say is, thank goodness for pinterest!  it sure does make it less time consuming when i'm searching for a good quote. 

truth be told, i still stick to my roots.

i still do love those words to live by & to be inspired by.

so what could be more fitting than collaborating my images with special words that i love? 

watch life become art... 

be inspired!  :)