moments...weddings 2013

marielle is my dear friend who married the love of her life last friday evening.

i wanted to write about her & jeremy & her precious girls...

(click here to see this post & hear her amazing adoption story of her twin girls. essie & ina)

i wanted to share how she will be the most amazing wife...

how she is already the most wonderful mother...

i started to write it all, it but it kept shifting back to me.

ME!  as i pour through my dear friend's wedding images and try to explain to the world the incredible person she is, i kept referring back to me, and who she is to me.

then, in a moment, i understood that WHO she is to me, is also why she will be an amazing wife and why she IS such an incredible mother.

so here she precious friend marielle...

mar, you listen to me and hear what i don't even realize i'm saying.

you listen and somehow my gibberish makes complete sense in your mind.

you see my point of view, but you help me grow as you broaden my perspecitve.

you love who i love....hurt how i hurt.

you pray for me even without me asking.

i remember you begging God for the mate He created for you,

and i'll never forget the day you became his wife.

mar, jeremy, essie & ina, we love you dearly and pray God's richest blessings on your lives!

Mar & Jeremy Bride & Groom_8jwblog.jpg
Mar & Jeremy Details_19jwblog.jpg
this was the first time her bridesmaids saw her in her wedding gown!  priceless!

this was the first time her bridesmaids saw her in her wedding gown!  priceless!

Mar & Jeremy Ceremony_9jwblog.jpg
Mar & Jeremy Ceremony_11jwblog.jpg
Mar & Jeremy Ceremony_17jwblog.jpg
Mar & Jeremy Ceremony_19jwblog.jpg
Mar & Jeremy Ceremony_1jwblog.jpg
Mar & Jeremy Ceremony_15jwblog.jpg
Mar & Jeremy Ceremony_2jwblog.jpg
Mar & Jeremy Reception_2jwblog.jpg
Mar & Jeremy Reception_5jwblog.jpg
Mar & Jeremy Reception_6jwblog.jpg
Mar & Jeremy Reception_1blog.jpg
Mar & Jeremy Reception_7jwblog.jpg
Mar & Jeremy Reception_9jwblog.jpg

and the list of credits!

venue: Red Fern

d.j.: jamie simpson-house rockers

flowers: brady street florist

hair: studio 55

cake: uzi's bakery

wedding coordinator & design: brenda's creations