it's not even sane!!!

happy wednesday my friends!

today, i have some SUPER exciting news!

news that is ground breaking for the 10 years we have been serving this area and beyond with our professional portrait services...

are you ready???

for a limited time ONLY,

we are prepared to offer you the best in senior portraiture for $199!!!

how can we do that?

i'm so glad you asked!!!

here at jws, we have prided ourselves on the professional photography that we offer you.

this means that we have always incorporated our skin softening, blemish hiding, slimming techniques AS WELL AS the artistry that we add to every edited image.

this editing process is very time consuming....making the cost higher.

however, with the skills we have to offer, we can see that our images having limited professional editing applied to them, are beautiful as well!

why not offer those and have the cost be less to you?

so here we go!!!!

take a look at our editing differences..

Allison McCallister Cream Dress_9blog.jpg
Allison McCallister Cream Dress_9jweditblog.jpg
animoto resize-IMG_6883jwblog.jpg
animoto resize-IMG_6883jw EDITEDFOR EXAMPLEblog.jpg
dana senior5_13blog.jpg
dana senior5_13jweditblog.jpg

some of you may still choose our "complete experience" that we have ALWAYS been known for!  but some of you may be looking for a more cost effective alternative to senior portraits....if so, THIS is for you!!!!

check out our "seniors" section on our blog for examples and tons of information on our senior portraiture options!

let's go class of 2014!!!