home and living...

did you ever have a time in your life that you know the people brought into it were brought into your life for a REASON?

in my life, that has happened, even a few times.

it happened just a few weeks back actually, and i'm so excited to share a bit of this person with you now.

(i know there are way too many parenthesis, but have you read "heaven is for real"?  he and his wife rebecca are part of the book!)

stephen is the son, of honestly, two of some of my absolutely most favorite people on earth.  (if you know me personally, you have heard about charlie's uncle earle & aunt sylvia).  every few years, the "guys" come together (earle is from indiana & stephen & his son are from colorado), to go back to the homestead of sylvia & my mother in law.  there's great hunting on the hill & i know the homecooking is a great draw too :).

the story in a nutshell is, this november on their hunting trip, stephen suffered 5 heart attacks.  the outcome looked grim for quite a while. 


he not only pulled through, he pulled through with grace and even more wisdom, and is actually releasing a book about it.  he contacted me a bit ago about setting up a trip to colorado to chronicle his life.  

a life he gets a second chance at living...a second chance to tell the story of...

so Charlie and I flew off to Colorado....right into the arms of a family and a church that i wondered if we could leave. 

Greeley Sunday4_43jwblog.jpg

this man has the integrity of my own precious husband, the wisdom of his amazing father, and the heart of my dad that i miss so much.  


and as so many of my projects pan out, this project took my heart in a great, great way.  i shot stephen in many aspects of his life...

at home....

at home....

Greeley Saturday5_113jwblog.jpg

at work...

with his family...

and just times being...stephen...

i came home with thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of images.

and as the trip weighed on my mind...as the images came back to life...as the story began to unfold...

i met grief.

i held hurt.

i saw love.

i witnessed peace.

i shared hope.

and the story has not ended.

please visit my dear cousin, Stephen...his wife, his family, his ministry and his story at


and this is just a tiny snippet of who he is...

"My newest book ... 'To Bind the Brokenhearted' ... will be available Memorial Day Weekend. I wrote this book while recovering this past winter from five heart attacks followed by open heart surgery in which I had three by-passes and one valve replacement. With complete honesty and none of the, "too holy to be angry at God" stuff, I confront my feelings of fear, anger, frustration, and doubt. This book is a great read for anyone who has gone ... or is going ... through some of life's toughest moments. You will find this book to be encouraging, enlightening, and hopefully - uplifting as you deal with the inevitable difficulties that are part of all our lives. 

To purchase your copy please contact my office at LynnK@greeleywes.org and ask for your copy of To Bind the Brokenhearted. If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to sign it for you before sending it back ... just let Lynn know that's what you'd like.

Thank you ... and may your heart always be whole!"

he's my cousin and a new treasured friend...stephen e. wilson.

xoxo stephen and the entire wilson clan :)