freshen up your look!

although it doesn't feel like it here in western pa., spring IS upon us!

now is the perfect time to freshen up your look on your social networking sites & business cards!

we are running this special throughout april & may!

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hear what our clients have to say !

Kristine Gasbarre 

Author :How to Love an American Man

Founder : Identity & Intimacy


"As a woman and a professional, appearance is a big key to my success and fulfillment. These days my work is getting exposure among some of the world's biggest media personalities and international executives...and thanks to Joelle's spirit and skill, the image of my brand continues to help open doors. Most importantly, I love what I see when I look at my headshots, and having that confidence in how I come across has produced the biggest impact of all."


Ryan Devlin - 2013 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year 

“Joelle’s photography speaks for itself. Her photos are always original, high-quality, and stunning. Joelle has dedicated herself to this profession and is constantly studying poses and editing techniques. My headshots are being used on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pintrest and within multiple educational publications. They have also appeared on various websites, YouTube videos, programs, and flyers. 

Having professional photos of myself taken has proved to be quite advantageous.”

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