trying to be mom...invest in what you value

 vacation  2007

 vacation  2007

sometimes when i think about things, i start to believe that i was a better big sister than i am a mom.

i was born the eldest of 5.

a little brother 2 years younger.

another little brother 8 years younger.

and then twin sisters, 11 years younger.

with my three youngest siblings, i was able to be very very cool. :)

i took them on my dates.

we went for ice cream.

i took them to dinner quite frequently....just us and time alone.

my sisters and i would spend entire days together as i would photograph them and build relationships with them.

vacation 2009

vacation 2009

as a mom, it's so hard to find that time...that consistent, deep, individual time with each of my children.

we have great relationships, but to take them ALONE every friday night, to go out to eat and to spend the evening just being cool and fun.  i can't do it!  i have many responsibilities...demands, not to mention 3 children, not just one to dote my time on.

there are images that i have that i cherish.

and image of jonah and i.  he's missing his front tooth, and he' still little enough for me to rest my chin on his head.  that moment is gone.  i can never revisit it or get it back.  my little boy is growing like a weed, and getting ready very soon to enter his teen years.


my point?

i get too hard on myself.

i spend alot of time with my kids.

i was a big sister, not a mother. it's completely different.

but what if i could do something special and significant that would be LASTING?

that the memory of the experience, and the images to cherish after,

would be a life moment to value?

photo 2007

photo 2007

this is what i value.

this is what moves my heart, what lies as a passion within me.

it's how my talent, and my profession and my passion come together.

in short, it's just one of the reason's that i do what i do.

vacation 2012

vacation 2012

so i can offer you something.

an experience to remember.

a day together, looking your best, feeling your best...

"cheek to cheek" with your daughter...your mother...

cherishing each other.

making memories.

being simply beautiful.

i encourage you, invest in what you value.  

do what you can do, but don't let these moments pass you by.

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