stttttreeeeetch...all for love...couples essenza

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ok big breath.

this is huge for me, but i need to talk about it, and more importantly, i need to show you.

my life and photography overlap in almost every single area.  the way i see life, the way i view relationships, the ways i express my feelings and thoughts and the importance i place on grabbing life by it's moments, and shooting them to be documented and viewed for all time.  

this is how charlie and i, came up with the idea of documenting the intimate moments of couples together.  

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it is all about "seeing your love."  

it's about treasuring who you are and what you have together.

it is emotional and raw, intimate, and lasting.  

it's the "essence" of your love.

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it's about having this experience TOGETHER, and what it does for you as individuals and as a couple.

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it's essenza...the essence of your love.

please watch the video to see the complete experience, and stay tuned this week to hear from this couple in their own words, how they felt, and the experience that they had.