why learning to speak makes me take my clothes off

ok, i know, the peeling away of the clothes and the removal of my clothing is kind of annoying and MAYBE not appropriate.  i'm sorry to anyone that i may offend.  if it does, please click off my page :) he he he.

the truth is, i like to say it. i like the play on words, and there is a lot of truth in what i'm trying to have you visualize (ha!!! not me without clothes on though!)

anyway, prepare for randomness in this post, i've had 3 cups of coffee, but there IS a point in what i am trying to say-promise.

i love amy grant. i love her love her love (HAAA!!!)

always have.

it's almost been a joke with people who know me…because it has always been that way…forever!  i was about 9 when i started to dream of her being my best friend.  

i didn't just want to meet her, i wanted to KNOW her…i wanted to share with her….

was a dreamer of a 9 year old :)

well, i started going to her concerts and i started not only praying that i would meet amy grant, but i started speaking about meeting amy grant.  the words left my mouth.  

it wasn't a matter of when it would happen, it was going to happen. 

during a point in my schooling, some older girls gave me a hard time.  it was hard on me, and i won't go into it, but what i would do was think…"hmmmm, someday when i am changing the world…someday when amy grant and i sing together and are friends, you will wish you were nice to me."  (please don't try to analyze me at this stage, i was 13:))


over the years, my thoughts about amy (hey, i can call her "just amy", i've loved her for 30 years now!) never changed.  and although my "infatuation" if i would call it that, evolved into more of a respect and high regard for her in the way she was honest, and shared her feelings..many of the feelings that she shared,  i could relate to.

STOP…next scene:

i think i was 24.  a high school friend of mine (margie) called and told me that her uncle was a realtor who sold amy's sister property in nashville.  he had acquired tickets and backstage passes for amy's christmas concert in pittsburgh, and WOULD I LIKE TO GO????????, and i could take a friend.  


here' the cool part….i met her before the concert at a "meet and greet."  she was warm and wonderful, all i knew she would be..the concert was great….but i was not satisfied….

i had an opportunity that if i did not make the most of it, would pass me up.


my lifelong friend, david, and margie, went along with my plan...

david j and i

david j and i


i had the name of amy's manager.  

so i took off….through the back corridors of what i believe was the civic arena.

every time we got stopped, i asked for her manager by name, and people would point me to the direction….

i must have said his name 10 times going through those mazes in the arena...

and THEN…i rounded a corner, and michael w. smith was standing there.

i promptly introduced myself (of course stating amy's manager's name), and we began to chat.  i got his autograph (after all, he IS a great friend of amy :)), and then it happened…SHE walked around the corner….so i introduced myself again (with the manager's name as my tie, and my friend's aunt or uncle who was the realtor…blah blah blah)…and we started to talk.  just talk...

like i knew her forever…like she was my friend, because she always has been. 

amy and i…wait are we dressed alike???? :)

amy and i…wait are we dressed alike???? :)


she handed me her grapes to hold (i took them home, and kept them in my mom's freezer until she secretly threw them out), and then, we exited the arena…side by side, just talking away…like friends

when we exited, there were TONS of fans there…yelling her name…waving…and I, yes I was walking with her…she was with ME :)


this is the part about my clothes coming off

i met her 2 more times…she remembered me.

if i hadn't stepped out, right out of my comfort zone, risked humiliating myself, and getting in trouble with the civic arena police (ha!!!), i wouldn't have had that experience.

if i had stayed quiet and hidden in my own dreams and desires, and never sought a way to SPEAK…or to SEEK, i wouldn't have that memory.  i may still have that want!

my point is not that i got to meet amy grant.

my point is that i spoke a desire from my heart beginning at age 9.  

sometimes speaking a desire can be as uncomfortable as removing your clothes :)...

(BTW, i'm wearing a new wool sweater i found at goodwill :)))…random…)

i have so many things to say.

so many things to speak that can put me in a vulnerable place...

for me…for my family…for my business...

but at some point this sweater will get itchy, and it's not worth keeping it on anymore.  

and even more than loving comfort, i love me.

i love me for who i have grown to be, and all that there is before me in this life, and how i can share it with you.


there is  a little girl out there who needs to relate to someone...

there are little girls who need to know the stories i have in my heart...

there are women out there who need me…geez, not me…they need what i have learned. 

it's not a monday, and it't not january 1st, but it is a brand new day…a brand new morning.

and i'm dressed already, but have no problem getting undressed again.


introducing, Be Your Own Beautiful GIrls..seminars for girls 8-11.  

(Stay tuned for BYOB for teens and BYOB for women)

ResizeGirls BYOB Cover Page.jpg
RESIZEGirls BYOB Spread1.jpg
RESIZEGirls BYOB Spread2.jpg
Girls BYOB Spread3resize.jpg
ResizeGirls BYOB BackCover .jpg

the seminar comes with packs for leaders, templates for water bottle labels, printable worksheets for the girls, and a certificate of completion at the end of the course.


man this sweater was itchy :)